About Us

Mayday Cleaning has been cleaning and polishing our clients’ home and office spaces in Melbourne ever since we established. Our experience dates back to 2013.

We are serious about cleaning and want to make your home and office in ‘the worlds most liveable city’ as loveable as possible!

At Mayday Cleaning we believe that understanding your needs is the most important way to provide quality results. When accepting new clients, we put emphasis on collecting details and relevant information such as allergies or aversions to any products. This information is always used when briefing and training our home cleaning team. We believe in two-way communication, staff selection and reliable service. In a world where clients take good housekeeping seriously, we must also match.



Great experiences
build great brands.

We remain true to the same principles on which our experience was founded: providing genuine cleaning service to our clients, putting duty of care first, creating opportunities for our people, delivering effective teamwork and acting with integrity. These tenets unite us as one company, and guide our every aspect.

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning
Residential & Commercial Cleaning
Residential and Commercial Cleaning
Mayday Cleaning
Mayday Cleaning, Telephone No.1300 369 067
City of Bayside, City of Kingston, City of Whitehorse, City of Manningham, City of Monash, City of Stonnington, City of Melbourne
Mayday Cleaning provides residential and commercial cleaning services to clients across Melbourne metropolitan areas.