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Mayday Cleaning Co has been cleaning and polishing our clients’ home and office spaces in Melbourne ever since we established. Our experience dates back to 2013.

Residential & Home Cleaning

We understand your time is valuable. It is difficult to work full time job, making meals, exercising, having a social life and  keeping up with your cleaning. We at Mayday Cleaning would like to give you a helping hand so that you can invest your time in other areas of your life. Let us help you de-stress.

We offer a range of residential cleaning services that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

We are a network of professional cleaning teams working with clients in different locations throughout Melbourne Metropolitan area.



Move-In and Move-Out Clean

Move-In clean is required when a property has been vacant for sometime or was not cleaned properly prior to new owners moving in.

Move-Out clean is required when a property has been sold and the selling owner is required to handover the property in a cleaned condition to the new owner/s. A property inspection is usually carried out by the selling agent one week prior to the settlement date to ensure the selling owner has satisfy as part of their selling obligation that the property is left in a cleaned condition.

A move-in or move-out clean can include all or a combination of these items:

  • Internal functional area clean (kitchen, bathrooms, etc)
  • Oven clean
  • Blind clean
  • Window clean
  • Carpet steam clean
  • High pressure clean for external areas

Regular Clean

Regular clean is a maintenance clean that could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

A solution for clients to free up their time by outsourcing cleaning so they can focus on other priorities may it be business, work, busy household, etc.

Rental Bond Clean

Rental bond clean is required when a tenant vacates a rented property at the end of lease. As part of the lease agreement and in order for a full bond refund, a tenant is required to hand the property back to the real property agent in a cleaned condition how it was when the property was leased in the beginning. Rental bond clean usually includes a full house clean plus windows, carpet steam clean and oven. Windows could be optional depending on condition of the windows and is best the tenant check with the real property manager to confirm. The property manager from the real estate company will need a tax receipt as proof that a rental bond clean has been completed.

Rental bond clean is sometimes referred to as end-of-lease clean.

Once-Off Clean

Once-Off clean can be requested as one time only clean for example once-off spring clean or a hoarder’s house clean that is a big job.

Post-Construction Clean

Post-construction clean is required after a post-renovation or a new-built project. It involves removing construction dust and residual construction material from surfaces left behind by tradies, for example paint droplets and overspray left behind by the painter, grout residual left behind by the tiler, silicone or adhesives residual left on surfaces such as shower screen.

Post-construction clean is not a move-in clean as there is usually a time lag from when the post-construction clean was completed and when the occupant moves in. During that time, there could have been more work done at the property such as minor electrical or plumbing work, meaning the house interior would be dusty again. Clients will need to arrange a move-in clean.

When quoting a post-construction clean, we will apply surcharges for double storey window cleaning, French windows, having to remove manufacturer’s protective covering from windows, when there are significant amount of paint left behind on surfaces such as floorboards because the painter did not use floor coverings, or when tiler had to apply grout over small tiles in bathroom hence leaving grout residual on almost every single small tile, travel distance more than one hour, late notice or late notice leading to evening work.


Professional and Genuine

We will work hard and smart to deliver genuine cleaning services in a timely, tailored and trustworthy manner.

Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the job well done, our history tells not only much about our past but also it does our present. Our track record of succeeding and striving to be the best is central to our reputation today.

We adopt a ‘do-not-cut-corners and no-shortcuts’ approach to provide genuine cleaning quality. We work hard and smart to deliver results.

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