Pricing Guideline

Pricing Guide

As each client has different cleaning requirements and each job with a different scope of work, we adopt a flexible approach to pricing that is suitable for each client. Our main approach is quoting by the job – fixed price with fixed scope of work.

Regular Clean

Regular clean

When providing information for regular clean please include as much details as possible such as number of bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, number of levels (single, double, triple storey or more).

The areas that take longest to clean are the kitchen and bathrooms. The more bathrooms in a house means the more time it takes to complete a clean leading to higher cost.

Once-off clean

The most common once-off cleans are move-in clean, move-out clean, rental bond clean, pre-sale clean and deep clean. The factors that affect the price of once-off cleans depends on the condition of the house, inclusions, exclusions and profile of the house.

For example in a rental bond clean, these components are required to be included – internal house clean, oven, windows, carpets and sometimes external of house (outdoor).  On some occasion, the property manager may exclude the windows. Profile of the house are factors such as number of storeys, are the floors all floorboards or mixed carpeted and floorboards, etc.

Builders Clean

Builders clean

Builders clean requires a lot more information as there are more varying factors to consider.